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The Face-to-Face Maximizer

For more than 30 years I've helped people build trust by improving face-to-face communication. Building trust is very important during all business and personal relationships, job interviews and presentations.

My award-winning programs for clients emphasize building bridges of understanding through coaching, training, advisory groups, speaker's bureaus and public dialogue.

My clients range from Allstate to Zenith and include Blue Care Network, Accident Fund, Jackson National Life, Comerica Bank, Haworth, Michigan State University, Lansing Community College, Lions International, Florida Lottery, Los Alamos National Laboratory and the U.S. Navy.


My training can help you build trust by improving face-to-face communication. My professional experience with global corporations, small business and nonprofit organizations spans more than 40 years.

Training Programs Available

Speaking at Your Peak™

One of the most important skills is being able to communicate ideas face-to-face. You can become more persuasive and credible with the public, employees, clients and potential clients. Discover the ABCs of leadership communication, your three keys to credibility. Learn to think on your feet in stressful situations. Learn to control the important “other half” of face-to-face communication – body language.
Listening for Results

Listening is very important if you want to get results when working with other people. Discover the art and skill of not only hearing, but understanding the feelings of others and the content of their messages. Find out how the magic of feedback works wonders in relationships.
People Wise

Learning about the four basic behavioral styles of people helps leaders and members of a team appreciate diversity and learn to communicate and work together better. Individuals better understand themselves and others, recognizing that differences between people need not cause conflict or misunderstandings. This program helps people learn how to adapt their communication to fit the styles of others, which improves individual and group results.
Conflict Management

Understand new concepts of conflict and discover how to communicate with others when feelings are tense. Boost your confidence and ability to handle stressful situations involving disagreement and difficult people.
Make Face-to-Face Communication Your Strategy for Success

Cutting-edge leaders and their organizations focus on improving face-to-face communication to get better results. Learn the scientific basis for word-of-mouth marketing and how to make it work for you internally or externally.

Speech Coaching

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Fast, effective coaching to allow you to Speak at Your Peak™.
Thousands of leaders in many fields have significantly improved their speeches and overall presentation skills following my coaching and you can too.

I was a speechwriter for CEO's and other C-level executives of companies among the Fortune 100 list. For the past three years I have coached speakers for TEDxMSU. You can put that experience to work for you and your next speech. I will improve your presentation skills significantly with only 1-2 hours of coaching. And further coaching will improve you as a speaker even more.


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I specialize in leadership development programs.

In addition to customized training to fit your needs, I establish small leadership development groups and work with people monthly for 12 months because "training without coaching is just entertainment." Programs include training, group problem solving and individual coaching.

I created a 10-day Leadership Institute for Michigan OSHA and co-wrote a 5-day leadership program for a General Motors plant that emphasizes teamwork in manufacturing Cadillac automobiles in Lansing, Mich.

Customized Leadership Program

I've been helping develop leaders for more than 20 years. And now I'm making it much more personalized. My customized group leadership development program for individuals meets monthly for 12 months. It is designed to help you and your team fully implement people skills and communication strategies to boost revenues, reduce stress and improve overall effectiveness.

Here's what is included each month:
  1. Two hours or more of leadership communication training
  2. Two hours or more of dialogue
  3. Re-training if desired
  4. Group problem-solving
  5. Individual personal coaching twice each month by phone

Specific topics for learning and development:
  • Set and achieve intentions
  • Maximize face-to-face communication and people skils
  • Project a positive leadership image
  • Speak at Your Peak™ and get teams focused
  • Listening to build trust
  • Listening as a problem-solving skill
  • Managing conflict to reduce stress

Customized Leadership Program Examples

Created a 10-day Leadership Institute for
Michigan OSHA

"Jack Pyle surpassed our expectations in contributing to our cultural change process. He developed and taught 10-day Leadership Institutes which got spectacular results with both our leaders and leaders-to-be. Positive changes can be seen throughout our organization every day."
Douglas Kalinowski, former Director, Michigan OSHA

General Motors Cadillac Plant, Lansing, Michigan
Co-created a five-day team leader program for the new GM plant that created a team environment to build higher quality automobiles. Helped teach the program, developed train-the-trainer workbook and taught others to be trainers for the program.
Michigan Lions Leadership Institute
"It is truly an outstanding experience for our leaders to learn from Jack Pyle. He has received the highest evaluations of any speaker at our 3-day Institute in all 16 years of the program to date. Many participants who have been through corporate leadership training say our program exceeds their previous learning experiences. Here are a few comments about Jack from one of our Institutes:
• A content expert who really knows how to communicate it
• Super enriching. Focused. Experience shows
• Very engaging. Makes an hour-and-a-half go by like 20 minutes
• He's fantastic. Has a powerful message and is very entertaining, as well"
Paul Hemeryck, Lions of Michigan Leadership Institute Chair
Haworth Plant, Big Rapids, Michigan
Created and taught four-day teamwork and leadership program to all hires, including plant manager and supervisors, for a new Haworth plant in Michigan during its three-year start up.

Executive Speech Coaching

“The benefits of coaching appear to win over even the most cynical clients within just a few weeks.”

Industry Week

One of the most important leadership skills is being able to communicate ideas face-to-face. You can learn to be more credible and persuasive with clients, prospective clients, employees, and in formal speeches before the public. You can gain more confidence in your ability to think on your feet in stressful situations. Most people are aware of the old saying: "It's not what you say, it's how you say it." A big part of "how you say it" is learning to control the important "other half" of face-to-face communication - body language.

Little differences make a big difference - and people can quickly learn which small changes will help them project their leadership qualities more effectively. Anyone can become significantly more credible in various professional speaking situations - from formal speeches to meetings with peers or employee groups, from sessions with clients or government groups to media interviews. My objective as an executive speech coach is to help leaders be more convincing and believable in presentations, staff meetings and one-on-one.

What will you get when you hire me as your personal speech coach?
  • The wisdom of a former speechwriter for Fortune 100 company executives
  • Learn to speak from an outline rather than a written speech
  • Project confidence even when feeling nervous or unsure
  • Learn to create great first impressions to establish rapport with audiences
  • Understand how nonverbal signals help and hinder communication
  • Shape messages more clearly, stressing key ideas for impact
  • Use personal experiences and storytelling to make presentations more convincing
  • Develop your own natural speaking style
  • Improve speaking in impromptu situations
  • Get analysis and critiques of your presentations
  • Develop ongoing self-improvement tactics
  • Learn self analysis of your presentations
  • Learn to create dynamic PowerPoint slides that communicate effectively


What is coaching? Coaching is a collaboration designed to help you to make changes to gain more success and fulfillment. Coaching inspires people to achieve desired goals. Coaching is designed to help people clarify focus, plan their direction, expand awareness of blocks that get in the way and design environments that support their growth.

What can I expect from hiring a coach? You can learn to clarify what you want and make better decisions about speaking and other areas of your life. Life becomes more fulfilling when you decide what you want to achieve and learn to make better daily choices to get you there. You will have a confidential collaborator who will support you, a person you can talk to about anything. You will have a cheerleader to encourage you. You will have someone you trust to help you with your accountability. Achieving your goal to become an effective speaker comes much more quickly when you are in a coaching partnership.

A coach will help you to become the best that you can be. The only way to truly understand what executive speech coaching is all about is to experience it for yourself. Call me to discuss a sample coaching session at 517-243-3223.

What can I expect from you, Jack, as my speech coach? You will get the value of my lifetime experience working with leaders. I started right out of college when I was hired and trusted as head of supervisory training at a General Motors plant. I was speechwriter for CEOs and senior executives at Dow Chemical, Shell Oil Company and the Michigan Department of Transportation. I have trained literally thousands of executives and professionals as a speech coach to be more credible and persuasive when they speak.

I have been creating and teaching leadership development programs for two decades. I am recognized for my problem solving skills, public relations and marketing leadership, and relationship-building skills. I have created award-winning programs for my clients. If you hire me, you will have a coach who has lived through bad times and good, always striving to become better as a person and as a professional.

My services. As soon as you decide to hire me as your speech coach, we will schedule your first session within a week of your call or email. Our first session on the phone may last an hour or more. After that we typically meet several times in person for training and brief practice speeches, which will be recorded so that you can see and hear yourself as others do. We follow this up as needed on the phone.

You may contact me between coaching sessions for brief phone calls or by email with questions. During our meetings, you will be challenged to stretch and move out of your “comfort zone.” Be open to exploration. However, if I say, do, or request anything that does not feel completely comfortable, please let me know. Feel comfortable to say yes, no, or make counter-offers to requests and challenges. Be open and forthright about what is working and what is not.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the coaching relationship, let's talk about it as soon as possible. While you are free to share information we discuss, I will hold our conversations completely confidential and will not disclose your identity without explicit permission.

My terms. I ask for a six-month commitment when you hire me as your speech coach. If you are serious about becoming an effective and inspiring speaker it will take time and energy. I am paid on the first of the month for speech training and coaching. Frequency of your in-person training is dependent on your goals and the amount of service you desire. At any time during your six-month commitment, let me know if you are dissatisfied, and we will make changes.

Your commitments. You agree to fulfill the commitments you make during coaching before your next coaching session. This is a key tool in self-exploration and progression. The coaching process is most successful with committed work, because most of the work is done outside the session. If your commitments seem like too much, please counter offer with what will work for you.

How do I get started? Call me at 517-243-3223 and tell me you want to discuss coaching to become an effective and inspiring speaker and leader. We will talk about what you want to achieve, and I will tell you if I think I'm the coach for you. You can decide if you want to be coached by me.


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